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Paddlewheel Flowmeter

Principles of Operation:
Fluid flowing through the unit causes the paddle wheel to spin. As the magnets embedded in the paddle spin past the sensor, electrical pulses are produced in which frequency is proportional to the flow rate. The number of pulses per desired time interval and the K-factor (number of pulses/Gallon) make it is possible to calculate the flow rate and volume passing through the unit.

Design Features:

  •  Flow meters for liquid flow applications.
  •  Jewel bearings allow for very low minimum flow rates.
  •  Easy to install and operate.
  •  Mounted horizontally or vertically.
  •  Only one moving part.
  •  Field replaceable sensor cable.
  •  Flow indication via transparent acrylic cover.
  •  Versatile square wave flow output signal.
  •  Female NPT ports.
  •  Multiparameter: flow and temperature *outputs. Four wires platinum RTD option.
  •  Polypropylene and chemically resistant PVDF models.

** PWM provides only raw pulse output signals. In order to get actual flow reading, user has to implement additional signal processing

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