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Fluorescent Dye Tracers

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Make your work easier with easy to see, easy to use Fluorescent Dye Tracing Products from Bright Dyes, and the original Leak Detective.

Dye tracing products are used in many analytical applications. The unique needs of our customers seem almost unlimited. Some of the most common water tracing dye applications are:

  • Tracing water and industrial effluents

Typical water flow tracing applications include pollution studies, sewer and industrial effluents, and natural water flow analysis. In an upcoming article, we will review different methods for tracing water and industrial effluents.

  • Detecting leaks in sewage systems

The source of an underground water leak can often be hard to diagnose. 

  • How to Detect a toilet leak

Water leaks account for over 10% of all water use in the average home. And what is the #1 culprit as the source of these leaks? The home toilet.

  • Detecting illegal sewer connections

It is illegal to connect storm water to wastewater systems as it increases the volume delivered for treatment and can overload local wastewater treatment plants.

  • Septic Dye Test: Analyzing septic  systems

Properly maintaining your wastewater treatment system is an important step in maintaining its performance.

  • Monitor flow studies & mapping

The use of fluorescent dyes and fluorometric equipment yields a very good tracer system. The advantages include low cost, direct measurement, and accurate results.

How Fluorescent Dye Tracing Products Work:
The “visual” aspect of Bright Dyes products refers to normal reflection of light as color. The “fluorescent” aspect refers to special properties of some chemicals to absorb certain wavelengths and then emit, rather than reflect, light in response. The emission can be seen by using a “black” ultraviolet light or precisely measured with a fluorometer. The reflected and emitted light have different wavelengths and are, therefore, not the same color.


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