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Food Service Timer Model 167 - REFURBISHED


Sustained accuracy with timing range that can be set in minutes and seconds. Highly audible buzzer can be heard in even the noisiest kitchen. Interface switching for appliance control

The Model 167 food service timer has the dependable timing every chef, short-order cook or kitchen or bakery manager needs. The 167 has a 60 minute timing range which you can set in minutes and seconds. The primary markings are black, but the 167 also features an inner circle of red numerals, which you can use as an elapsed time indicator.

For every menu. For every timing need - prepping, holding, chilling, baking, browning, mixing, monitoring freshness, etc.

Model 167 Food Service Timer is excellent for sustained accuracy to ensure that those potatoes are baked to perfection each and every time.

Never miss the end of a timed cooking cycle again. GraLab's buzzer alarm can be heard over the noise in the busiest kitchen. And, it's big-7 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 2 1/2" - so you can read the 167 easily from across any room or kitchen.

 Made in USA


Specifications Minimum Setting:1 second
Total Range:                                    60 minutes (by minutes & seconds)
Automatic Buzzer:                         Constant tone
Accuracy:                                       +/- .015% @ maximum setting
Voltages:                                        Input voltage 100-130 VAC, 60 Hz; 210-250 VAC, 50
AC Outlet Power Rating:              @120 VAC
Max Lamp Load:                            600W
Max Resistive Load:                     1200W
Max Motor Load:                            1/3 HP
Approvals:                                      UL and cUL




  • Model: 167REF
  • Manufactured by: Dimco-Gray/GraLab

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